Configure devices and device drivers

  • 2/7/2017


  • Device Manager is the primary tool for installing and managing devices.

  • Device And Printers and Device Stage offer visual alternatives to Device Manager.

  • Windows Update automatically updates device drivers.

  • To install or pre-stage device drivers manually, use the PnPUtil command-line tool.

  • Updated device drivers that are not stable can be rolled back to the previous version.

  • You can use the File Signature Verification tool (Sigverif.exe) to check that all drivers are digitally signed and DISM to manage driver packages for offline images.

  • Plug And Play is the feature that enables Windows to detect and install the correct device driver automatically for the attached hardware.

  • Driver signing is enforced in Windows 10 and protects system security.

  • The new Windows Imaging And Configuration Designer (ICD) generates provisioning packages with the .ppkg file extension, which can customize Windows 10.