Configure devices and device drivers

  • 2/7/2017

Thought experiment answers

This section contains the solutions to the thought experiment.

  1. You would use the media and device driver supplied with the hardware equipment or download the latest version from the manufacturer’s official website.

  2. You would create a provisioning package with the Windows Imaging And Configuration Designer (ICD), export the .ppkg files, and deploy these to the users by email, postal mail, or an intranet site. The users could then run the provisioning packages on their devices. If they required further assistance, they could call the help desk.

  3. You can use the ICD to create provisioning packages that deploy single or multiple customizations to Windows 10.

  4. You would use only digitally signed device drivers and, additionally, digitally sign the provisioning package with the organizational certificate authority.

  5. You should ask each member of the remote sales team to access the company intranet site and review the short introduction to Windows 10 and the functions of the Epson printer that will be available there. You could also ensure that they are aware of Device Stage for the Epson printer.