Configure devices and device drivers

  • 2/7/2017

Thought experiment

In this thought experiment, demonstrate your skills and knowledge of the topics covered in this chapter. You can find answers to this thought experiment in the next section.

Your organization has recently recruited 20 new members to the sales team, who will work across the United States. Your manager wants to issue them the following hardware, which will be shipped to the employee’s home address directly from the online reseller.

  • Surface Pro 4 tablet

  • Bluetooth mouse

  • Epson WF-3520 printer

The sales team members have standard user accounts, email accounts, and Internet access at home. You are required to ensure that the sales team members can operate the new equipment without delay and with minimal involvement of the company help desk. The organization holds its own certificate authority for creating certificates.

The company has commissioned a short introduction to Windows 10 and the functions of the Epson printer and mouse, which is available on the company intranet, by email, and offline. All users must view the training prior to using Windows 10.

Answer the following questions for your manager:

  1. Where will you obtain the latest driver software for the mouse and printer drivers?

  2. How will you provision the mouse and printer drivers on the Surface tablets?

  3. Can you provision the mouse and printer drivers as one package or only separately?

  4. How will you ensure that the users trust the provision of drivers?

  5. How can you ensure that users are familiar with the operation of the Epson printer?