Making Windows 10 Accessible

  • 11/4/2015

Working with Narrator

If you have difficulty seeing what’s on your screen, you might want to investigate the Narrator feature. Using Narrator, Windows can “speak,” telling you what is currently displayed on the screen, describing items such as text and buttons. When you turn on the Narrator feature, you must click an element on the screen, such as an item in Settings to hear details about it, and then click it to activate it.

Turn on Narrator

  1. In the Ease Of Access window, in the left pane, click Narrator.
  2. Click the Narrator switch to turn on the feature.
  3. Click the Start Narrator Automatically switch to turn on Narrator whenever you log in to Windows 10.
  4. Click the drop-down list for Choose A Voice to select a male or female voice.
  5. Click anywhere in the Speed setting to speed up the Narrator speech.
  6. Click anywhere in the Pitch setting to adjust the pitch of the Narrator voice from lower to higher.