Making Windows 10 Accessible

  • 11/4/2015

Turning on closed captioning

If you are hard of hearing, you might have used the closed-captioning feature on a television so that you could read what’s being said. Your Windows computer also has a closed captioning feature, and you can set up the color, transparency, font style, and size of the captions in the Ease Of Access settings window.

Choose closed captions options

  1. In the Ease Of Access settings window, in the left pane, click Closed Captions.
  2. Click to choose a Caption Color.
  3. Click to choose whether to make the caption opaque, translucent, semitransparent, or transparent.
  4. Click to choose a Caption Style for your font, such as serif, sans serif, or small caps.
  5. Click to choose a size for your caption.
  6. Click to choose Caption Effects such as a drop shadow or raised text.