Get Started with Office 365

  • 6/24/2015

Sign in for the first time

As soon as you’ve decided which subscription model you want to use and have set everything up, your next step is to configure the service and get started with some management tasks. First, however, you’ll need to sign in. When you access Office 365 for the first time, a Welcome page appears. Follow these steps to complete the first-time sign-in process:

  1. Enter the requested basic information about who you are and where you’re located (see Figure 2-1). Click Next to continue.

    Figure 2-1

    Figure 2-1 The first step in creating your new ID is to provide some basic information.

  2. Create your user ID and password (see Figure 2-2), which you’ll use to access the service. Enter a user name (such as admin) and the domain name. Then create your password. Enter your password a second time for confirmation, and click Next.

    Figure 2-2

    Figure 2-2 Create your user name and password.

    Notice the box to the right of the User ID box. It contains a blank space followed by the text This text is part of a domain name that Microsoft automatically creates when you sign in to Office 365 for the first time. You provide the rest of the domain name by typing it into the blank space in the box. For example, suppose your company is called Trawbridge. In that case, you might enter trawbridge in the blank space. The domain name would then be

  3. On the next page (see Figure 2-3), select either Send Text Message or Call Me. Depending on what you choose, you will receive either a text message or a phone call to confirm that you are who you say you are and to create a valid account. Enter your phone number. Then, depending on which option you chose, click Text Me (as shown here) or Call Me.

    Figure 2-3

    Figure 2-3 Complete the security verification to finish creating an ID.

After you enter the required information, you will receive a verification message via a text message on your phone. When you do, click Create My Account on the verification page.