How to Use OneNote to Store Information in Digital Notebooks on Your iPad

  • 2/6/2015

Configure notebook storage structure

The notebook storage structure in OneNote reflects that of a physical tabbed notebook such as those used by students. You can divide notebooks into one or more sections. Each section contains one or more pages. You store information on individual pages.

A new notebook contains one section and one page. You can add sections and pages to provide a structure for the content you intend to store in the notebook.


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The OneNote user interface elements

As you add sections, you can name them in a way that is appropriate for the content. Be sure to give each section a meaningful name so you can easily identify it when you’re sending content to OneNote from another program.

When you’re adding content to a notebook, you can create blank pages or pages that already contain content. If you have a clear idea of the kind of information you’re going to store in a notebook, you might find it simplest to build the notebook structure and then add content within that structure. But it isn’t necessary to build the structure first—if you prefer, you can send content to your notebook and then organize pages and sections by moving or copying them. Whatever works best for you will work with OneNote.

To create a section

  1. In the notebook header, tap the New Section button.

To rename a section

  1. In the notebook header, double-tap the tab of the section you want to rename.


    Tap the section tab, and then tap Rename to activate the title for editing.


    The shortcut bar displays options for working with the selected title

  2. Enter the new section name, and then tap the Done key on the on-screen keyboard.

To create a page

  1. Display the section in which you want to create the page.
  2. At the top of the page navigator, tap the Add Page button.

To change a page to a subpage

  1. At the top of the page navigator, tap the Edit button.
  2. Tap the selector to the left of the page name.
  3. On the action bar at the top of the page navigator, tap the Demote button.

To name or rename a page or subpage

  1. In the page navigator, tap the page or subpage.
  2. In the title area at the top of the page, replace the page title.