Extend Microsoft Access Applications to the Cloud: Creating a Blank Web App and Using Templates

  • 2/9/2015

Adding template tables

After creating your blank web app, you will be presented with the screen shown in Figure 4-3. Notice that below the search box are hyperlinks for suggested searches on Person, Order, Service, and Sell.


FIGURE 4-3 The Add Tables page.

If you type Orders in the search box, Access will try to match your request with the set of options most appropriate to your needs. You will notice that the results can show either a box with a single outline, such as Customers (which means you get one table), or a box named Orders with a shadowed outline (which means you get more than one table). Select the Orders table option shown in Figure 4-4 to follow the example in this chapter.


FIGURE 4-4 Selecting a template table.

The result of making this selection is shown in Figure 4-5, where not only have new tables been added, but on the Table Selector on the left the Order Details view is hidden from the user.


FIGURE 4-5 Multiple tables displayed in the Table Selector.