The MorphX Development Environment and Tools

  • 8/11/2014

Table Browser tool

The Table Browser tool is a small, helpful tool that can be used in numerous scenarios. You can browse and maintain the records in a table without having to build a user interface. This tool is useful when you’re debugging, validating data models, and modifying or cleaning up data, to name just a few uses.

To access the Table Browser tool, right-click any of the following types of items in the AOT, and then point to Add-Ins > Table Browser:

  • Tables
  • Tables listed as data sources in forms, queries, and data sets
  • System tables listed in the AOT under System Documentation\Tables

Figure 2-22 shows the Table Browser tool when it is started from the CustTrans table. In addition to the querying, sorting, and filtering capabilities provided by the grid control, you can type an SQ SELECT statement directly into the form by using X++ SELECT statement syntax and see a visual display of the result set. This tool is a great way to test complex SELECT statements. It fully supports grouping, sorting, aggregation, and field lists.


FIGURE 2-22 The Table Browser tool showing the contents of the CustTrans table demo data.

You can also choose to see only the fields from the auto-report field group. These fields are printed in a report when the user clicks Print in a form with this table as a data source. Typically, these fields hold the most interesting information. This option can make it easier to find the values you’re looking for in tables with many fields.

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