Agile Software Development

  • 7/16/2008


This chapter covered the most fundamental principles of agile development. These are iterative-incremental development, test-driven design, continuous integration, and face-to-face communication. Additionally, we discussed the techniques that enable agile development—for example, requirements captured in stories, the use of team rooms, and the use of pair programming. After reading this chapter, you should have a sense of the culture in an agile development team and have a vision of how these practices tackle the most common challenges in today’s businesses.

Now that we’ve viewed the world through the glasses of an agile developer, we’ll look at agility from a different angle in the following chapter—from the perspective of the agile project manager.

If you are interested in drilling down into more detail in one of these key practices, you will find cross-references for additional recommended reading in the bibliography section at the end of this book.