Working with Special Content in Word

  • 6/24/2010

Creating Footnotes and Endnotes

If you are creating a document in which it’s important to cite your references and add notes that support your text, you’ll love the footnote and endnote features in Word 2010. Word automatically positions footnotes at the bottom of the page or places endnotes at the end of the document or section, whichever you specify. Word numbers both the footnotes and the endnotes, giving each a unique numbering format. Whenever you add or delete a footnote or an endnote, Word automatically renumbers the appropriate series. For a footnote, Word also figures out how much space is required at the bottom of the page for the footnote, and when a footnote is too long for the page Word automatically continues it on the next page.

Insert the Footnote or Endnote

  1. In Print Layout view, with the insertion point located where you want the footnote or endnote reference mark to appear in your document, click the Insert Footnote button on the References tab for a footnote or the Insert Endnote button for an endnote.

  2. Type your footnote or endnote text.


Change the Reference Mark

  1. On the References tab, click the Footnote & Endnote dialog launcher.

  2. Specify where you want the footnotes or endnotes to appear, and click the numbering format you want.

  3. Click to display the Symbol dialog box, choose a symbol for the footnote or endnote reference mark, and click OK.

  4. Click Apply to change the location of the footnotes or endnotes and/or the number format, or click Insert to use the selected symbol as the reference mark for this footnote or endnote.