Working with Special Content in Word

  • 6/24/2010

Adding a Sidebar or a Pull Quote

When you want to add a special design element that reinforces key ideas, adds extra information, or spotlights phrases in your text, sidebars and pull quotes help you present the text in a special way. Word 2010 offers a variety of sidebar and pull quote styles you can add for that distinctive look.

Insert a Predesigned Text Box

  1. Switch to Print Layout view if you aren’t already in that view.

  2. On the Insert tab, click the Text Box button, and in the gallery that appears click the text-box design you like.

  3. Select any sample text in the text box, and paste or type your replacement text.

  4. Click the outer boundary of the text box, and drag it to the location you want.

  5. Use any of the tools on the Text Box Tools Format tab to modify the text box itself, or use the formatting tools on the Home tab to modify the text.

  6. Click outside the text box to resume working on the main content of your document.