Working with Special Content in Word

  • 6/24/2010

Inserting Information with Additional Actions

Word 2010 is a smart program, and it can help you do more with the information in your document by providing action items you can use to carry out specific tasks that are tied to the word or phrase. For example, suppose that you include the name of a coworker in your document. Word 2010 offers an additional action when you right-click that enables you to send an e-mail message, schedule a meeting, or display the person’s contact information. When you right-click a paragraph that includes a company name. You can specify the actions you want Word 2010 to be able to take depending on the type of information it finds in your document. In versions of Word prior to Word 2010, Additional Actions were known as smart tags.

Contact a Colleague

  1. Look through your document and right-click a person’s name.

  2. In the context menu that appears, click Additional Actions.

  3. Click the action you want to perform.


  4. Click Options.

  5. Click Enable Additional Actions In The Right-Click Menu if necessary.

  6. Click the check boxes of the items you want to include.

  7. Click OK.