Create Databases and Simple Tables

  • 7/15/2010

Key Points

  • Access 2010 includes templates to help you create databases and application parts to help you add related tables and other database objects.

  • Rather than storing all information in one table, you can create different tables for each type of information, such as customers, orders, and suppliers.

  • You can create a simple table structure by entering data and naming fields in Datasheet view. You can also set the data type and certain properties.

  • You can manipulate or hide columns and rows without affecting the data.

  • In Design view, you can modify any table, whether you created it manually or as part of a template.

  • Data types and properties determine what data can be entered in a field, and how the data will look on the screen. Caution: changing some properties might affect the data.

  • You can create a relationship between the primary key field of one table and the foreign key field of another so that you can combine information from both tables.