Customizing and Securing Microsoft Word 2010

  • 8/15/2010

Understanding Security in Office 2010

Today you just can’t be too careful about the files you accept and download from the Internet. Every computer user needs some sort of antivirus program that scans incoming files for potential threats and keeps your computer safe from attack. Word 2010 includes improved security features that evaluate files before you open them and then prompting you if something unrecognized is found.

One area developers found vulnerable to attack occurs when you open a file saved in a previous version of Word. To safeguard this process, Word now includes a security check that goes on behind the scenes when you open a new document. The file must pass a series of checks—called a file validation process—before it is considered a safe file. If Word 2010 finds anything suspicious, the document is displayed in Protected View.

Word 2010 shows you that a file is in Protected View by displaying a message bar across the top of the work area. If you know the sender of the file or are certain the file is safe, you can click Enable Editing to remove the protection and edit the file normally. You can change which files Word 2010 flags for protection by changing the settings in the Trust Center.