Customizing and Securing Microsoft Word 2010

  • 8/15/2010

Customizing Your Spelling Dictionaries

Word 2010 enables you to use one or more dictionaries to check your spelling. When there’s a word in your document that’s correct but that Word doesn’t recognize—a name, an address, or an unfamiliar technical or scientific term, for example—you can tell Word to add that word to your custom dictionary. If you already have a custom dictionary that includes many of the words you want Word to recognize as correct, you can add that dictionary to the list of dictionaries that Word is using. Now in Word 2010 you can also choose a dictionary in another language if you are translating or editing in a language other than English.

Add a Dictionary

  1. Click the File tab and click Options to display the Word Options dialog box.

  2. Click Proofing.

  3. Click the Custom Dictionaries button to display the Custom Dictionaries dialog box.

  4. If you have an existing dictionary that you want to use, click Add; in the Add Custom Dictionary dialog box that appears, locate the dictionary file. Click Open.

  5. To create a dictionary by adding entries, click New, use the Create Custom Dictionary dialog box to name the dictionary file, and click Save.

  6. To add or delete words in a dictionary, select the dictionary, and click Edit Word List.

  7. Click Add and type a word, or select a word you want to remove and click Delete.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Verify that the dictionaries you want to use are checked and those you don’t want to use aren’t checked.

  10. Click OK.