Customizing and Securing Microsoft Word 2010

  • 8/15/2010

Limiting File Changes

Not only do you need to make sure that the files you open are safe, but you also need to be able to protect the files you create so that people can change only what you want them to change in the file. You can set protection levels on individual files that make it possible for you to limit editing in a document, for example, or protect sections or the structure of a worksheet, so that others’ ability to change the content of the file is limited.

Set File Permissions

  1. Click the File tab.

  2. In the Info tab, click Protect Document.

  3. Click Restrict Editing to control the types of editing that can be done in the file.

  4. Click the Allow Only This Type Of Editing In The Document check box.

  5. Click the type of change you want to allow.

  6. Indicate who these changes apply to.

  7. Click Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.