Enhance Message Content in Microsoft Outlook 2010

  • 6/29/2010

Key Points

  • You can format the text and background of your messages, either by choosing individual formatting options and styles or by applying a theme.

  • You can automatically insert contact information in e-mail messages by using an electronic signature. You can create different signatures for different purposes and instruct Outlook to insert a specific signature for each e-mail account and message type.

  • You can insert many types of images including photos, screen clippings, and Clip Art into an Outlook item and modify the appearance of the inserted image by using commands available from the Picture Tools contextual tab.

  • You can create graphical representations of processes, hierarchies, and other organizational structures by using the SmartArt feature.

  • You can create a chart directly in an Outlook item as a graphical representation of data stored in an associated Excel worksheet.

  • You can make outgoing messages more useful by setting their properties to communicate information to the message recipient and by setting delivery options so you are informed when the message is received and read.