Building a Presentation Outline in PowerPoint 2010

  • 5/15/2010

Adding Text in the Outline Tab

One of the benefits of the Outline tab is that it provides a fast way for you to enter text without having to deal with placeholders or graphics. After you enter the title, adding text to the outline consists of pressing Enter to create a new entry in the outline and then entering the text, which appears at the same outline level as the line before. You can then demote text to become a subheading (subtitle or bullet point) or promote a bullet point to become the next slide title.

Add a Slide Title

  1. With the Outline tab selected in Normal view, click in the outline.

  2. Enter some text, which is automatically formatted as a slide title, and press Enter. The slide title appears in both the outline and the Slide pane, and the cursor is in place to create the next slide title.


Promote and Demote Headings

  1. Enter text in the Outline tab, or click in an existing line of text to select it.

  2. Click the Home tab, and choose Decrease List Level or Increase List Level from the Paragraph group. Decrease demotes the heading; Increase promotes it to a higher level in the outline.