Managing the Search Experience in Microsoft SharePoint 2010

  • 6/24/2010

Search Results Removal

If content will be crawled by your search engine that should not be presented in search results, you need to immediately remove it from search results. Remember that search results are derived from the index, so removal of the content itself is not sufficient. The information must be removed from the index.

To remove content from search results, open the Remove URLs From Search Results page shown in Figure 9-25 by clicking the Search Result Removal link in the Queries And Results group of the Quick Launch area of the Search Administration page for your search application.

Enter the URLs of the content to be removed in the URLs, one per line, and click Remove Now. The URLs will be added to a file in the index that will remove them from search results until a crawl can update the index. In addition, crawl rules will be created to prevent the content from being indexed in subsequent crawls.

Figure 9-25

Figure 9-25 Remove URLs From Search Results page.