Managing a Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2010

  • 6/15/2010

Setting Up a Meeting

A meeting is an activity (often a physical meeting or conference call) that involves other people and sometimes resources. A resource can be a conference room, VCR, slide projector, telephones, laptop computer, or other equipment. Usually a meeting involves you and at least two other people (but can certainly be just you and one other person). Outlook sends a meeting invitation to every person you designate, and they can accept or reject the request or propose a new time for the meeting.

Create a Meeting in a Block of Time

  1. Click the Calendar icon on the Navigation Pane.

  2. Highlight a block of time on the meeting day for the meeting.

  3. Click New Meeting on the Home tab.

  4. Click To.

  5. Select attendees and resources from the Address Book, or type the addresses manually.

  6. Click Required if the invitee needs to attend.

  7. Click Optional if the invitee isn’t required to attend.

  8. Click OK when you are done.

  9. Type a description of the meeting in the Subject box.

  10. Type the location of the meeting in the Location box.

  11. Add notes, directions, or comments for the meeting as needed.

  12. Click Send.


Change the Meeting Date and Time

Outlook uses the currently selected date and time by default when you create a new meeting request. You can change the date and time as you need to, rather than accept the default.

  1. Create a new meeting.

  2. Add attendees, a subject, and a location for the meeting.

  3. Click the down arrow in the Start Time date field, and select the starting date.

  4. Click the down arrow in the Start Time hour field, and select the starting time of the meeting.

  5. Click the down arrow in the End Time hour field, and select the ending time of the meeting.

  6. Click Send.