Collaborating and Finishing Your Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • 4/15/2013

Using presenter view

PowerPoint 2013 makes it easier than ever to present with the introduction of the new Presenter View feature. Presenter View brings together all the elements you need in one handy interface that only you can see. You can see the slide your audience is viewing and write on the slide by using pen and laser tools. Also with Presenter View, you can move among all your slides easily, see which slide is next in queue, and review your slide notes while you present.

Display presenter view

  1. On the ribbon, tap the Slide Show tab.

  2. In the Start Slide Show group, tap From Beginning to start the slide show.

  3. Tap the lower-left corner of the display to reveal the navigation controls.

  4. Tap the More Options button (the ellipsis character) to display the Options list.

  5. Tap Show Presenter View.

    Presenter View opens on your screen, but it is not visible to your audience.

Use Presenter View

  1. With Presenter View open, tap to select the Pen tool and tap Pen again so that you can draw on the current slide.

  2. Tap the Pause The Timer button to suspend the presentation.

  3. Tap to display the next slide.

  4. Tap to display the previous slide.

  5. Preview the next slide that will be displayed.

  6. Read through your presentation notes.

  7. Enlarge the font used to display slide notes.

  8. Show the Windows taskbar so that you can switch between programs.