Collaborating and Finishing Your Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • 4/15/2013

Coauthoring presentations in real time

After you invite others to share your presentation, they can click the link to the file and open it, even if you’re currently working in the file. Others can change the file as needed and PowerPoint 2013 keeps track of all your changes automatically. When you or your coauthors save the file, others receive a notice in their status bars that an update is available. When each person saves the file, the changes from other coauthors appear in each person’s file.

Open a shared presentation

  1. On the ribbon, tap the File tab to display the Backstage view.

  2. Tap the Open tab.

  3. Choose the online location where your shared presentation is stored.

  4. If necessary, tap Browse to look through folders and files in your cloud space.

  5. Tap the folder that contains the file you want to use and then tap the desired file.

  6. Tap Open.

    The presentation opens on your screen. The coauthoring indicator on the status bar shows you how many people are currently working on the presentation.

  7. Tap the indicator on the status bar of the PowerPoint window to see who else is working on the presentation.

Coauthor a presentation

  1. Make the necessary changes to the presentation.

    When any other author saves changes, PowerPoint lets you know that updates are available.

  2. Tap Updates Available.

    PowerPoint displays a message box alerting you that when you save the document, it will be updated with the changes others have made.