Collaborating and Finishing Your Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • 4/15/2013

Commenting on a presentation

When you’re collaborating on a presentation, you need a way to let your coauthors share their questions or suggestions about a slide. You can use comments to add notes, ask questions, and make suggestions that could improve the presentations you work on with your team. The commenting feature has been improved in PowerPoint 2013. The comment conversations are now threaded so that responses to comments indent within the original comment post, which makes it easy to see and respond to a specific comment. It also means the slide isn’t littered with individual comment boxes, because comment conversations appear within a single comment thread.

Add a comment

  1. In the Slides pane, tap the slide for which you want to add a comment.

  2. On the ribbon, tap the Review tab.

  3. In the Comments group, tap New Comment.

    The Comments pane appears on the right side of the PowerPoint window.

  4. In the text box, type the comment that you want to add.

    Your profile picture appears to the left of the comment, making it easy for people to see at a glance who added the comment. PowerPoint uses the profile picture associated with your Microsoft Account. If you’re not logged on to PowerPoint 2013 using your Microsoft Account, the image you selected for your Windows 8 user account appears there.

  5. Exit the Comments pane by tapping Close.

Respond to a comment

  1. In the Slides pane, tap the slide that has the the comment to which you want to respond.

  2. In the upper-left corner of the slide, tap the Comment icon.

    The Comments pane opens.

  3. Tap the Reply box, type your response, and then tap outside the comment.

    PowerPoint indents the response within the original comment so that you can easily read through all conversations related to the initial comment posted.

Navigate comments

  1. On the ribbon, tap the Review tab.

  2. In the Comments group, tap Previous to move to a previous comment in the presentation.

    The comment opens in the Comments pane on the right side of the PowerPoint window.

  3. Tap Next to move to the next comment in the presentation.