Creating Your Own Web Browser in Less Than Five Minutes with Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition

  • 3/5/2008

In Summary...

In this chapter, you learned how to build a Web browser; in the process, you did the following:

  • You added more than one control to the designer surface.

  • You set properties in the Properties window.

  • You wired an event to a control and learned how to add code that will execute when the event is triggered.

In this example, you saw many OOP concepts in action by using only one line of code. You added the code to respond to the button click event by calling the Navigate method of your Web browser object. Your Web browser navigated to a URL passed in as an argument to the Navigate method. The argument for the Navigate method was passed in using the text box control’s Text property. Everything was completed and fully working just by tweaking some properties and adding only one line of code! That’s what I call productivity.

In the next chapter, you’ll continue this process by learning more about the major features of Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. You’ll become more productive at developing applications by learning about features such as IntelliSense, snap lines, code snippets, Smart Tags, refactoring, and much more.