Creating and Modifying Web Pages in Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

  • 1/9/2008

Deleting a Web Page

As you develop your solutions and experiment with SharePoint Designer, you will create pages that after some time you will no longer need. SharePoint Designer, like other Microsoft Office products, allows you to easily delete a page when you no longer need it.

In this exercise, you will delete a page and then restore it from the Recycle Bin.

  1. In the Folder List task pane, right-click ShippingAdvice.aspx, and then click Delete.

    The Confirm Delete dialog box opens.

  2. Click Yes to close the Confirm Delete dialog box.

    ShippingAdvice.aspx is no longer listed in the root of the site.

  3. On the Site menu, click Recycle Bin.

    A browser window opens and displays the Recycle Bin for the team site.

  4. If prompted, type your user name and password, and then click OK.

  5. Select the ShippingAdvice.aspx check box, and then click Restore Selection.

  6. Click OK in the Windows Internet Explorer dialog box.

    The Recycle Bin page is redisplayed, where ShippingAdvice.aspx is no longer listed.

  7. Return to SharePoint Designer, and press httpatomoreillycomsourcemspimages1155087.png.

    In the Folder List task pane, ShippingAdvice.aspx is listed.