MCTS Self-Paced Training: Styles and Animation in Windows Presentation Foundation

  • 7/9/2008

Suggested Practices

  • Create an Animation that moves elements across the user interface. Alternatively, use linear animations and key frame animations to explore a variety of different animation styles. Animate other properties of UI elements as well, such as the color, size, and content.

  • Use Animations to create a slideshow application that reads all the image files in a given directory and displays each image for 10 seconds before automatically switching to the next one. Note that you have to create and apply the Animation in code.

  • Modify the solution from Lesson 2 of Chapter 6, “Converting and Validating Data,” to create styles for the application that includes DataTriggers that automatically apply styles based on the CompanyName of the selected record.

  • Modify the solution from the second lab in this chapter to reverse the Animation instead of stopping it when the mouse exits the control.