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Monitoring Exchange Server 2010

Suggested Practices

To help you master the examination objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks.

Investigate Public Folder Database and Mailbox Database Cmdlets

  • Practice 1 You need to know how to view general information and statistics related to public folder and mailbox databases, Review the following EMS cmdlets and become familiar with their parameters: Get-PublicFolderDatabase, Get-PublicFolderStatistics, Get-MailboxDatabase, and Get-MailboxStatistics.

Investigate Get-Queue Filtering

  • Practice 1 Investigate the Filter parameter of the Get-Queue cmdlet. Specify filter conditions, enter commands that use these conditions, and look carefully at any conditions where the command does not operate as you suspect.

Investigate Multiple Message Export

  • Practice 1 Experiment with commands that export multiple messages by using the Get-Message and Export-Message EMS commands and the ForEach-Object PowerShell commands. Such commands can look complex because of the requirement to replace the < and > characters in file names. The only way to become comfortable with them is to use them.

Investigate Protocol Connectivity Cmdlets

  • Practice 1 The Test-PopConnectivity, Test-ImapConnectivity, and Test-MapiConnectivity cmdlets support similar sets of parameters. Study the syntax of these parameters and practice using the associated commands.