Analyzing Microsoft Excel 2010 Data with PivotTable Reports

  • 8/31/2010

Choosing Report Layout Options

In Excel 2010, PivotTables by default use a more compact presentation style than some earlier versions used. This default layout (called Compact) indents inner fields on the row axis beneath their outer fields, letting you see more information at a glance. If you prefer, you can select from two alternative layouts, called Outline and Tabular. To switch from one layout to another, select a cell within the table, click the Design tab under PivotTable Tools, click Report Layout in the Layout group, and then click one of the displayed layouts (Show In Compact Form, Show In Outline Form, or Show In Tabular Form). Figure 23-8 compares the three layout options.

Figure 23-8

Figure 23-8 Excel offers three PivotTable layout options: Compact (left), Outline (center), and Tabular (right).

Note that the layout options affect the row axis only. For example, the outline form simply indents the distribution channels below each category of book.