Analyzing Microsoft Excel 2010 Data with PivotTable Reports

  • 8/31/2010

Rearranging PivotTable Fields

To pivot, or rearrange, a PivotTable, drag one or more field headings from one part of the PivotTable Field List window to another. For example, by using the mouse to change this configuration of the PivotTable Field List window:


to this one:


we can change the table from the form shown in Figure 23-3 to this:

To rearrange fields within the same axis—for example, to put Year before Quarter or Channel before Category in Figure 23-3, you can drag field headings from one place to another within the same area of the PivotTable Field List window. Often it’s simpler to click the arrow to the right of the field heading you want to move. (For example, you might click the arrow to the right of Category in the Row Labels box.) The menu that appears includes easy-to-use positioning commands: