Using RSS Feeds in Microsoft Outlook 2010

  • 8/15/2010

Creating Rules for RSS Feeds

Outlook includes a couple of rule conditions that you can use to create rules for your RSS feeds. For example, even though the messages for a given RSS feed arrive in their own folder by default, you might want those messages moved to a different folder; or perhaps you are watching a particular topic and want items related to that topic to pop into your Inbox, where you will see them right away.

You create a rule for RSS items in the same way that you create them for other message items, such as searching for text in the body or subject. There are two RSS-specific conditions you can use as well:

  • From RSS Feeds With The Specified Text In The Title Use this condition to process RSS items that come from a specific feed, searching for the feed name in the title.

  • From Any RSS Feed Use this condition to process all RSS feed items.

For other RSS processing, use the conditions that you would normally use for message items. For example, if you want to track a specific topic, use the With Specific Words In The Subject Or Body condition, and then specify the topic word or phrase in the rule’s condition. Then, provide the applicable action, such as moving the item to your Inbox.