Using RSS Feeds in Microsoft Outlook 2010

  • 8/15/2010

Managing Your RSS Feeds

Once you have your RSS feeds set up, you might want to change aspects of how the RSS feeds are configured, such as changing the URL that the RSS feed is derived from, changing how it downloads enclosures, or changing how other users can access a particular RSS feed on your computer.

You can configure options for controlling RSS feeds in Outlook 2010 in several ways. To control how Outlook 2010 handles all RSS feeds, click File, Options, and then click Advanced to display the Advanced page of the Options dialog box, shown in Figure 16-10. On this page, you’ll find the following two options that affect RSS feeds:

  • Synchronize RSS Feeds To The Common Feed List (CFL) In Windows If this option is enabled, feeds that you add in Outlook are synchronized to a common feed list (CFL) available to Internet Explorer 7 or later, as well as other programs that can use the CFL. Likewise, feeds that you add from IE are added to Outlook automatically.

  • Any RSS Feed Item That Is Updated Appears As New If an item has been updated, Outlook marks it as unread again.

Figure 16-10

Figure 16-10 Configure the handling of RSS feed items and synchronization on the Advanced page of the Options dialog box.

To change the configuration of an RSS feed once it has been set up, click File, Account Settings, and then choose Account Settings. In the Account Settings dialog box, click the RSS Feeds tab, shown in Figure 16-11, select the RSS feed that you want to modify, and then click Change.

Figure 16-11

Figure 16-11 Select the RSS Feeds tab to change an RSS feed configuration.

The name of the RSS feed can be modified in the RSS Feed Options dialog box, shown in Figure 16-12, and the Channel Name, Location, and Description are displayed. You can change the mailbox folder as well as the mail storage file in which the RSS feed is contained by clicking Change Folder. The Downloads area includes controls for how RSS downloads are handled, including the Automatically Download Enclosures For This RSS Feed and the Download The Full Article As An .html Attachment To Each Item options. Although the Update Limit option to use the publisher’s recommendation for update frequency is selected, this option can be disabled, allowing you to update the feed manually. For more information about configuring these options, see the section Adding RSS Feeds to Outlook, on page 410.

Figure 16-12

Figure 16-12 The RSS Feed Options dialog box lets you control the name, the storage location, and how the RSS download is managed.

You can also enable or disable downloads in RSS feeds in the Trust Center, on the Automatic Downloads page, where you can select or clear the Permit Downloads In RSS Items check box.