MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-653): Managing and Configuring Remote Access in Windows Small Business Server 2008

  • 8/19/2009

Case Scenario: Implementing a Windows Small Business Server 2008 Solution

Contoso, Ltd., a 35-person law firm, has many employees working remotely. Employees must have the ability to store documents on the company server and pull documents from the server at any given time. Some staff should have the ability to access their office workstations from their remote laptops while traveling.

The firm uses third-party proprietary legal software that was designed to work with VPN access for remote access. You must implement the best solutions to enable and support all access methods with the best security available based on the company budget (meaning use all free Windows Small Business Server security features). Answer the following questions for your manager:

  1. What tasks must you perform to ensure that all users have access to Remote Web Workplace?

  2. What tasks must you perform to enable virtual private network access and ensure that only employees that really need VPN access have permission to use it?

  3. What is the best way to deploy the self-issued certificate to remote users with non-domain-joined client computers?

  4. Not all users should have remote access to their office workstations through Remote Web Workplace. How can you ensure this is the case?

  5. Some users need access to other office workstations besides their own. How can you accomplish this?

  6. A managing partner wants to know whether a self-issued certificate is as safe as a third-party certificate. What can you tell the partner about the differences between the two types of certificates?

  7. How can you bind third-party certificates to the default Windows Small Business Server Web sites?