Tracking Service Requests in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

  • 1/15/2011

Canceling and Reopening a Service Request Case

There will be times when a case drops off the customer’s priority list or the customer resolves an issue internally. Imagine a situation in which a customer submits a warranty claim for a refrigerator he recently purchased. The day after the case was logged with the appliance company’s customer service team, the company issues a recall of the customer’s refrigerator model, having seen several similar cases logged against it in previous months. The customer service team sets up a new case tracking category to manage recall requests and logs a new case under it for the customer. To prevent the initial case from remaining in the customer service team’s active case list, the case is canceled. Canceled cases are deactivated so that all fields on the form are read-only, but these cases can still be searched and referenced as necessary. Sometimes the reverse happens—a case that was previously resolved or canceled is reopened if the issue reoccurs for the customer. Resolved and canceled cases can be reactivated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that customer service teams can continue working with them. Software development companies often have cases that require ongoing customer input; these cases might be canceled if no response is received from the customer for a long period of time. In this example, the case could be reopened in Microsoft Dynamics CRM if the customer contacts the support team at a later date.

In this exercise, you’ll mark a case as Canceled and then reopen it.

  1. In the Service area, click Cases, and then in the on the Cases tab of the ribbon, click New to create a new case.

  2. In the New Case form, type or select values in the required fields, as follows:




    Unable to register new software licenses


    Sonoma Partners, or any account in your system


    Default Subject, or any subject in your system

  3. Click Save to create the case.

  4. In the Actions group on the ribbon’s Case tab, click the Cancel Case button.

  5. In the Case Cancel Confirmation dialog box, select the appropriate status reason for the cancellation, and then click OK to confirm that you want to cancel the case.


    After you click OK, the case will update to Canceled status and all fields on the case form will be read-only.

  6. In the Actions group on the ribbon’s Case tab, click the Reactivate button.

  7. In the Reactivate the Selected Case dialog box, click OK to reactivate the case.


    This will update the case to Active status, and all the fields in the form will again be editable.