Tracking Service Requests in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

  • 1/15/2011

Resolving a Service Request Case

As customer service teams work toward resolving service request questions and incidents, it’s important to maintain an accurate status value for each case to ensure that new cases are addressed in a timely manner and worked on until a resolution is identified. When a case is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, customer service representatives can update the status of the case to Resolved, which will maintain the case record in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database but remove it from the active case view.

Before a case can be marked as resolved, all open, related activities must be completed or canceled. The duration value of each completed activity regarding the case will be totaled when the case is resolved, so customer service managers can track the amount of time spent working on the case.

In this exercise, you’ll mark the case created in a previous exercise as resolved.

  1. On the Case tab of the ribbon, in the Actions group, click the Resolve Case button to resolve the case.

  2. In the Resolve Case dialog box, enter Catalog sent to customer in the Resolution field and leave 15 minutes selected in the Billable Time field.

  3. Click OK to update the case status to Resolved.

    All fields will be saved and made read-only on the form. Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically creates a Case Resolution activity that stores the details of the resolution in the case’s closed activities.

  4. In the entity navigation pane for the case, click Closed Activities to view the completed activities for the case.

  5. Open the Case Resolution activity. Note that the resolution and total time for the case are stored in the history for reporting and analysis.