Designing Remote Desktop Services and Application Deployment

  • 6/15/2011

Suggested Practices

To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks.

Provision Applications

Complete all the practices in this section.

  • Practice 1 Create a Windows Installer package for Notepad and access the deployed application with a remote client by performing these steps:

    • Install the RD Session Host role on another member server within the Active Directory domain with the Glasgow computer already acting as the domain controller for the domain. Call the new system RDSH-1.

    • Using the RD RemoteApp manager, create the Windows Installer package for the Notepad application.

    • From a third computer installed as a domain member running Windows 7, access the deployed application using the Remote Desktop client and try accessing the application using a browser.

  • Practice 2 Install and activate an RD Licensing server by performing these steps:

    • Install the RD License role service on the Glasgow computer.

    • Activate the RD Licensing server by using the webpage method, using another computer that is connected to the Internet

  • Practice 3 Install and configure an RD Connection Broker (on another computer system called Paris that is joined to the domain) by performing these steps:

    • Install the RD Connection Broker role service on the Paris computer

    • Configure the use of the RD Connection Broker and ensure the appropriate group membership has been configured for the TS Web Access group on Glasgow and the appropriate group settings for the TS Web Access group on Paris.

    • Configure the RD Web Access servers setting in Remote Desktop Connection Manager on Paris.