Sharing and Working with Devices in Your Network

  • 12/23/2010

Pairing Your Computer with Your Mobile Phone, Starting from Your Computer

As mentioned in the previous section, the pairing procedure can be started from any device.

In this exercise, you will learn how to pair your computer with your mobile phone, starting from your computer.

  1. On your computer, click the Add a device button in the Devices and Printers panel.

    This starts the Add A Device Wizard, which automatically scans for new devices, including Bluetooth devices.

  2. Once your mobile phone is detected, select it and click Next.

    The wizard displays a code that you need to type on your mobile phone.

  3. On your mobile phone, you are notified that the computer wants to connect via Bluetooth. Press OK, then type the code shown on your computer (from step 2). Once the code is entered, the pairing is created and Windows 7 automatically searches for drivers for your mobile phone, then installs them. When done, you are informed that the device has been successfully added to the computer.

  4. Click Close.

    Your computer and mobile phone are now paired and can begin exchanging files.