Sharing and Working with Devices in Your Network

  • 12/23/2010

Pairing Your Computer with Your Mobile Phone, Starting from Your Phone

Before being able to transfer files, you need to pair the devices together. This procedure can be started from your mobile phone or from your computer. The end result is the same, so you can choose which one works best for you.

In this exercise, you will learn how to pair your computer with your mobile phone, starting from your phone.

  1. Set your phone to scan for Bluetooth devices.

    This option is found in the same Bluetooth menus. On Nokia phones, go to Paired Devices -> Add New Device. On Android phones, go to Bluetooth Settings -> Scan For Devices. On Sony Ericsson phones, go to Bluetooth -> My Devices -> New Device. A scan process starts, and after a few seconds, the phone shows the results.

  2. From the list of identified devices, select the computer to which you want to connect.

  3. You are asked to type a personal identification number (PIN) code that will be used to establish the pair. Type the four-digit code you want to use. This can be any number you want.

  4. Press OK.

    On your computer, you are notified that a Bluetooth device is trying to connect.

  5. Click the notification.

    The Add A Device Wizard opens, in which you are asked to type the pairing code.

  6. Type the same PIN code you entered on your phone.

  7. Click Next.

    Windows 7 now starts installing the drivers for your phone. When the installation is complete, you are notified that the device has been successfully added.

  8. Click Close.

    Your computer and mobile phone are now paired and can begin exchanging files.