Planning SharePoint Solution Delivery

  • 6/15/2013

Preparing a SharePoint delivery program

You will need to prepare a SharePoint delivery program so that you can do the following:

  • Map user requirements to SharePoint features and capabilities correctly.

  • Set, agree on, and prioritize solution delivery.

  • Identify materials requirement and resources (for example, SharePoint infrastructure, connected teams).

  • Staff your SharePoint delivery team appropriately (covered in the previous section, “Setting up a SharePoint delivery team”)

  • Train the delivery team so that all its members can understand the key features of SharePoint that will be implemented.

A SharePoint delivery program requires a delivery scope, a sponsor, and a method to measure progress and success.

  • Creating and managing the delivery scope. This topic is described further in Chapter 2. The scope is where activities are specified, prioritized, and scheduled.

  • Assigning accountability SharePoint solution delivery can be as simple as adding features to a site, or as complex as creating a new SharePoint environment. Either way, you should assign an owner for each activity who will be accountable for its completion.

  • Monitoring progress In addition to assigning accountability, you will need to assign people to roles that monitor progress and ensure that that progress reports are given to the SharePoint sponsor and stakeholders. The delivery plan provides a baseline against the progress of key activities on the plan.