Taking Notes to Another Level with Microsoft OneNote 2013

  • 4/15/2013

Handwriting notes and converting them to text

If you have a tablet, touch-enabled computer, or pen device, you can handwrite notes. In fact, if handwriting notes is easier for you, or if you share your notebooks with a collaborator and you believe handwritten notes are less formal, you might prefer to handwrite all your notes. To handwrite a note, select a pen, and drag your finger or pen device on the pad or screen. (You can also, with unsatisfactory results, handwrite notes by dragging the mouse.)

You can convert handwritten notes to text. OneNote identifies each character as you write, then converts the result to typed text. You can edit this converted text just like typed text.

Handwrite a note

  1. On the ribbon, click the Draw tab.

  2. In the Tools group, in the Pens gallery, select a pen.

  3. Using your finger, a pen device, or the mouse, drag to handwrite a note.

Convert a handwritten note to text

  1. Select the handwritten note that you want to convert to text.

  2. In the Convert group, click Ink To Text.