Taking Notes to Another Level with Microsoft OneNote 2013

  • 4/15/2013
You can do all sorts of things with Microsoft OneNote 2013. In this chapter from Microsoft OneNote 2013 Plain & Simple, learn how to work with handwritten notes, create an outline, insert pictures, take screen clips, and work with audio and video notes.

In this section:

  • Writing quick notes

  • Reading, moving, and deleting quick notes

  • Handwriting notes and converting them to text

  • Creating and constructing outlines

  • Attaching a file or copying a file’s content to a note

  • Inserting a picture from your computer or network

  • Inserting a picture from an Internet source

  • Taking a screen clipping

  • Constructing simple math equations

  • Recording audio and video notes

  • Playing back audio and video notes

Typewritten notes aren’t the only kind of notes that you can write. Far from it. You can also handwrite notes and convert them to text, record audio notes, and record video notes.

Microsoft OneNote 2013 also comes with special tools for constructing outlines and math equations.

To include information from other sources, consider attaching a file to a note, copying contents to a note as a file printout, and scanning documents and placing the scanned images in notes.

OneNote 2013 makes it easy to insert pictures and screenshots in notes, too.

When you’re in a hurry to write a note or you haven’t decided yet where to store one, write a quick note. You can store quick notes temporarily in the Quick Notes section until you find a permanent place for them.

Writing quick notes

When you want to jot down a note but can’t decide where to store it, or you want to jot down a note without first opening OneNote 2013, write a quick note. (In versions of OneNote prior to 2013, quick notes were called side notes.) After you write a quick note, it is stored in the Quick Notes section (located below the list of open notebooks in the Notebooks pane) until you delete it or move it to a page or section in a notebook.

Write quick notes in the Quick Note window. This window offers the Home, Insert, Draw, View, and Pages tabs for formatting and handling the quick notes you write. Click the Close button to close the Quick Note window after you write your quick note.

Write a quick note

  1. In the notification area on the right side of the Windows taskbar, click the Send To OneNote icon. (If you don’t see the Send To OneNote icon, in the notification area, click Show Hidden Icons.)

  2. In the Send To OneNote window, click New Quick Note.

  3. Write a quick note.

  4. Continue to add to the note as needed. Click Close when you finish writing the note.

Format a quick note

  1. In the Quick Note window, click the Auto-Hide Ribbon button (the ellipsis character at the top of the window) to display the ribbon.

  2. Select some text in the quick note.

  3. Format the text by using a command on the Home tab.

  4. Click Close.