Adjusting Slide Appearance in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • 3/15/2013

Changing slide backgrounds and sizes

In addition to theme settings, the slide background and size settings impact the overall appearance of a presentation. You can change the background for the current slide or for all slides in the presentation. You also can hide background graphics if they interfere with other graphics or content placeholders you’ve placed on a slide. Choose the slide size that best fits the monitor on which you intend to display your presentation.

Change the background color and hide graphics

  1. On the ribbon, click the Design tab.

  2. In the Customize group, click the Format Background button.

    The Format Background pane opens.

  3. Select the Hide Background Graphics check box.

  4. Click Solid Fill.

  5. Click the Fill Color button and then click a color in the palette.

  6. To use the color on all slides, click Apply To All.

  7. Click the pane Close (X) button.


Change the slide size

  1. On the ribbon, click the Design tab.

  2. In the Customize group, click the Slide Size button.

    The available slide sizes appear.

  3. Click the slide size to use for your presentation.

    Use the Standard (4:3) size for older displays, projection, or TV equipment.

    A dialog box opens, asking how to scale slide content based on the new slide size.

  4. Click either Maximize or Ensure Fit.

    The Maximize choice enlarges slide content to fill the slide size, and some content might be cut off; Ensure Fit reduces the size of slide content to fit on the new slide size.