Working with Notebooks, Sections, and Pages in Microsoft OneNote Home and Student 2013

  • 5/15/2013

Creating and organizing sections

OneNote helpfully creates the first section for you, and it’s a safe bet that you don’t really want that section to be named New Section 1. To rename the section, right-click the section tab and select Rename from the menu that appears (or just double-click the name on the section tab).


The same naming guidelines you followed for the notebooks apply to sections, as well. The names should be descriptive but not ridiculously long or detailed.

Creating a new section is as simple as clicking the + tab. When you do so, OneNote creates a new section and names it New Section x. Rename it to whatever you’d like, as described previously.

If you’d like to rearrange the order of your sections, just click a tab and drag it left or right along the tab row above your page or drag a section up or down on the Navigation pane at the left.

Section groups

Now that we’ve looked at notebooks and sections, you’re probably wondering what section groups are. Section groups are merely an organizational construct that let you group your sections together in a logical fashion (hence the name).

  • To create a section group, right-click any of the section tabs or the empty space to the right of the section tabs and select New Section Group.

  • A group called New Section Group will be created, which you can right-click and rename.

  • Click the section group to go into it, and click the green swirly arrow at the left side of the section tabs to go back up to the previous level.

To add a section to a section group, click in that section group and create a new section. To move existing sections into a section group, drag them onto the section group.