Mailing Paper or Pixels with Microsoft Word 2013

  • 3/15/2013

Printing multiple copies of an envelope

You might need to print several copies of the same envelope at one time, for instance as self-addressed envelopes to include with items to be returned to you. The Print button in the Envelopes And Labels dialog box can print only one copy at a time, so you need a different approach.

In Word 2013, you can add the envelope to the current document and save it as part of the document’s file. The envelope appears as page 0 in a new Section 1 at the beginning of the document, formatted with the page size and margins appropriate for the envelope. Then, you can use the Print command in the Backstage view, which offers a setting for the number of copies to print.

Add an envelope to a document

  1. If you’re addressing a letter that contains the recipient’s address, open the letter document. Otherwise, open any document (such as the default blank document).

  2. On the Mailings tab, in the Create group, click Envelopes.

  3. If the Delivery Address text box is empty, or if the text is incomplete or incorrect, edit the text as needed.

  4. If the Return Address text box is empty, or if the text is incomplete or incorrect, edit the text as needed. If you don’t want a return address to print on the envelope, select the Omit check box.

  5. If the envelope size shown in the Preview thumbnail is incorrect, or if the orientation shown in the Feed thumbnail is incorrect, see “Change envelope size and print options” on page 318.

  6. Click the Add To Document button.


Print the envelope

  1. Click in the envelope page in the document, and then click File to display the Backstage view.

  2. Click the Print tab.

  3. In the Settings section, click the first box and click Print Current Page.

  4. If the selected printer is not the one on which you want to print the envelope, click the Printer box and select the correct printer.

  5. Click the Copies box and enter the desired number of copies of the envelope.

  6. Click the Print button.