Managing a Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • 3/15/2013

Adding appointments

An appointment in Outlook 2013 is an activity you enter for a specific time that, unlike a meeting, doesn’t typically involve other people or resources. When you schedule an appointment, you block out a day, a time, and a location for that appointment to occur. As mentioned earlier, Outlook also lets you set a reminder that flashes on your screen and plays a sound to alert you to the appointment. To learn how to set a reminder, see page 164.

Add an appointment with the menu

  1. Select a block of time for the appointment.

  2. On the Home tab, in the New group, click New Appointment.

  3. Type a subject.

  4. Type the location of the appointment.

  5. Adjust the date and times, if needed.

  6. Add notes if you want.

  7. Click the Save & Close button.

Add an appointment right on the calendar

  1. On the calendar, drag to select a block of time for the appointment.

  2. Type the subject of the appointment and press Enter.

  3. Double-click the appointment to open the appointment form.

  4. Add the location, notes, and other information to the appointment.

  5. Click the Save & Close button.