Managing a Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • 3/15/2013

Inserting an Excel object into a calendar item

You can insert a blank Excel object into a calendar item. This makes it possible for you to edit spreadsheet data within the calendar item itself. This capability is useful when you want to be able to enter values and calculate data that doesn’t exist yet in an Excel file.

Insert a blank Excel object

  1. With an appointment, meeting, or event open, on the ribbon, click the Insert tab.

  2. Click in the notes area of the item.

  3. Back on the ribbon, in the Text group, click Object.

  4. In the Object dialog box, click Microsoft Excel Worksheet on the Create New tab.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Add values and formulas as needed in the Excel object.

  7. On the ribbon, on the home tab, use editing tools to modify or format the Excel data.

  8. Click the Formulas tab to access additional Excel commands and features.

  9. Click in a blank area of the notes field to stop editing the Excel object.

  10. Click Send Update to send the meeting item with the embedded Excel object.