Selecting Data Using Queries in Microsoft Access 2013

  • 3/15/2013

Simplifying a problem with a query by using other queries

If you have a complex problem—for example, you need to join together several tables and then perform summary operations—you might find it helpful to break down the problem into one or more steps. First, create a query that joins together and filters all the data, and then create a second query that uses the first query as a source of data and performs the summary operations.

Using a query to work from other queries can also improve productivity by reusing other queries that you have already constructed.

Create a query to combine data from a table and query

  1. In the design view of a new query, in the Show Table popup window, double-click the table to add it to the query grid.

  2. Click the Queries tab in the Show Table popup window.

  3. Double-click a query name to add to the query grid.

  4. Click Close.

  5. To join the table to the query, drag the ProductName field between the tables.

  6. Double-click a field from the table.

  7. Double-click the * on the query to add all columns from the query to the query grid.