Adding Structure to Your Diagrams in Microsoft Visio 2013

  • 5/15/2013

Formatting containers

When you drop a container onto the page, it includes a set of style attributes. You can change a container’s formatting at any time by selecting it and then using the commands on the Format tab of the Container Tools tool tab set.

  • You can use the Style gallery in the Container Styles group to select a different container style. (Be sure to notice the drop-down arrows at the right end of the Container gallery; use them to view additional container styles.) The container style options are also available by clicking the Change Shape button, either in the Editing group on the Home tab, or on the Mini Toolbar that appears when you right-click a container.

  • You can choose alternate heading styles by clicking the Heading Style button in the Container Styles group. Visio offers either two or four heading styles, depending on the container.

There are two additional ways to alter the appearance of a container.

  • Containers react to Themes and Variants. Consequently, the colors of the thumbnails in the Containers gallery and the containers on your drawing page can be very different from one diagram to the next.

  • You can change the fill, line, and shadow attributes of a container by using the same techniques you use for any other Visio shape—on the Home tab, click any button in the Shape Styles group.