Creating Enterprise Forms in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

  • 6/15/2013


Every business and government entity needs forms that enable its users to input and share information. SharePoint 2013 presents a platform that allows for these forms to be hosted and integrated with many other useful technologies, such as workflows and search.

InfoPath and Access 2013 are the two primary tools for creating SharePoint-based electronic forms of all types, without needing to use code. The types of forms that you can create with these two powerful tools are limited only by your imagination. InfoPath has been a popular forms tool for many years and has excellent integration into SharePoint lists. Access 2013 represents the new era of SharePoint digital forms that are adopting the new SharePoint cloud app model. And custom solution developers have never had so many interesting options for building code-based SharePoint forms—HTML5, Visual Studio 2012, TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP, and so on.