Creating Enterprise Forms in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

  • 6/15/2013

Creating custom forms

If neither InfoPath nor Access 2013 is sufficient to meet the needs of your form, custom development is always an option as well. In Chapter 23, you will learn about SharePoint apps, which are essentially modern web applications. If you know how to build a web application, then you can easily use those skills to build a Form app for SharePoint. And you can use many web-friendly languages such as HTML5, JavaScript, or .NET.

If you are interested in building SharePoint form apps with HTML5 and JavaScript, there are some new options and tools to be aware of, such as Microsoft LightSwitch and TypeScript. For readers of this book, we have provided a sample custom version of the Site Request form that was developed using LightSwitch and JavaScript. It is distributed as an .app package, and you can download the form (including the source code) at